Golf Training Tool Update

It has been several months since I first started using The ProZone golf swing aid, and I thought it would be a good idea to give people an update on how things are going.  Of course, we all fall in love with new gadgets and devices when we first get them, but months later, we sometimes feel a little differently. So how do I feel today?

The ProZone Is The Best Golf Training Aid On The Market!

When I first started using The ProZone, I felt an immediate connection with my swing sequence and how I was hitting the ball.  I could tell when I was out of plane, or coming over the top, or outside in.  I could “feel” when I made a good swing and a bad swing within hitting just 20 balls or so.  It sounds crazy, but my mind and my body were correcting issues with my swing every time I hit a golf ball standing over The ProZone.  My swing flaws were still present, but every time I made a swing, my body corrected the issue and helped me get square at the impact position.  For those of you thinking this sounds a little crazy, I would have agreed with you completely until I started hitting balls on this thing.  It simply just helps you groove a consistent and steady swing, with the impact being the most noticeable difference in my game.  Every round I have played since my purchase has had one of my regular playing partners mention how crisp and solid I am now hitting the ball.

ProZone Black with head piece

Newly released ProZone with head motion detection

So here are a few things that I have noticed and have occurred since my purchase three months ago.  I will state that I have been hitting balls about three times a week in my basement.  Each practice session is about 25 to 50 balls into a net.  I start off with half swings for the first five balls or so, then slowly work my way into hitting full shots with wedges, 9,8 and seven irons.  I typically grab one of these clubs out of my truck, take it down to the basement, and then hit that one club for my 15-minute session.  I will also point out that I now hit balls before every single round I play.  It has become a bit of an obsession, but I feel so much more “in sequence” when I get to the course after hitting 25 balls or so on the ProZone.


  • I now hit every club in my bag more solidly, on the center of the club face.  I have never used a five iron, three iron, three wood or driver while on the machine, but every single club that I hit is near the center of the club face.  I have always had issues at the impact position, and would often turn my hands a bit and either chunk it or hit it thin.   Except for the rare occasions, I am hitting the balls on the screws.
  • I spend less time thinking about my swing and spend more time picking my target and hitting it.  I don’t get caught up in knowing where my hands, hips, shoulders, etc. are during the swing.  I trust that my swing is on the correct plane and just simply take my swing.  My confidence has soared since I started using it.
  • I now have a lower trajectory than when I started using it.  At first, I was hitting the ball sky high and longer.  Now I hit the ball a bit lower, but still a club or two farther.  When I first started using the ProZone, I hit my eight iron about 145.  I now pull it out up to 160 yards.
  • The big misses are gone!  I easily could miss my target by 75 yards in the past.  I would miss big greens by 25 yards.  Now, the majority of my shots are down the middle, and my misses on approach shots are usually not left or right, they are short or long.  I am still getting used to how far I am hitting each club and trusting that I will hit it that far every time.
  • Everything about my game has improved BUT…….my chipping and putting.  So although my scores have come down, I have not come close to my full potential.  I know there are some rounds coming in the low 70’s, and my goal this summer is to break par for the first time in my life.  A few weeks ago, I shot 77 which before I would have been jumping up and down about.  But this 77 was different for me.  I hit every fairway but 1.  I knocked it on the green in regulation on every par 3.  I simply could not putt that day.  I had 5 three putts!  Believe me, the thoughts of how great the round could have been still in my mind.  What is even worse, is I was missing three footers for both par and birdie.  I just had a horrific, and I mean beyond the bad putting round, and I still shot 77.

It is cold this time of the year, and I am not playing golf very often.  I would be willing to bet that when the weather warms up, I am going to be posting about me breaking par for the first time in my life.  I just know it is going to happen, and The ProZone is the reason I will do it.

Golf Training Aid

My ProZone 2.0 Review

I recently received my ProZone 2.0 in the mail and thought I would document my progress with this new golf training aid. I am not afraid to admit that I have purchased many golf swing training aids over the years and haven’t had a great deal of success with any of them. The best one I have purchased up to this point is the SKLZ Gold Flex / Swing Trainer. I cannot say it has improved my accuracy or distance, but what I do know is that it is the first piece of golf equipment I reach for when I get to the course. It does an excellent job of loosening me up after hours of sitting at a desk in the office. 10 or 15 swings with this thing does the trick.

I get Golfsmith magazine, Golf Digest, and have purchased and used the Medicus driver, Medicus five iron, hinging clubs, Momentus, swingyde, gloves, tour angle devices, putting aids, and have family members who work in the 3D imaging side of golf. I can tell you who David Leadbetter is, Steve Pelz, Steve Boshdosh, and some other big names in golf training. I guess it is fair to say I am not a newbie when it comes to purchasing products to help my game, and many times I feel a bit depressed that the advertising was much better than the product.

Screen-Shot-2015-08-16-at-6.48.56-PMOk, so before I give my review of the ProZone, we should start with a little background, so you know who is giving this review. I am a 44-year-old man and have been playing golf for about 18 years. I regularly play throughout the year and am a pretty decent golfer. Throughout the year, I keep a handicap of roughly 10 with a slight fluctuation up and down. I play most rounds, and my score is right around 80. The rate exception of me putting well will help me shoot 76 or 78. Many times I will have a rough round and be in the mid 80’s where one part of my game has let me down. My strength is my distance off the tee, and my weakness is my short game. I have noticed this summer that my approach shots to the green from 100 yards and in have caused me the most problems. My accuracy is just not high, and I end up with 20 and 30 footers for birdie or par, instead of a six footer. I started searching online for golf training equipment and top-rated golf swing aids on Google to find something that will help me with the game. I was searching for golf mats, golf nets, some swing gloves, and a golf simulator. Doing this research, I found the ProZone 2.0.

My goal is to document my use with this product over the next several weeks and months to track my progress with my golf swing, and more importantly, my golf scores. I have a Member – Guest tournament coming up in a few weeks and am hoping my practice and use of this new golf training aid will help me do well among my friends.

The ProZone 2.0 Package Has Arrived

ProZone ReviewMy wife sent me a text a few days ago telling me my golf swing trainer was sitting in the garage. I left work and rushed home to put it together. I have to offer full disclosure here….. I am an idiot when it comes to putting things together. If I buy something that requires assembly, I have to block out an entire day to put it together. In some rare cases, like the entertainment center incident of 2006, I needed two 10-hour days to put it together.

I was totally prepared to spend the rest of the evening assembling this new product, and even apologized to my wife in advance for my behavior in the next few hours.  I don’t recall cursing one time, but I may just be blocking that out.

First Impression Of The ProZone

When I opened the box, I was impressed with how well the product was manufactured. The PVC piping was top quality, and certain important pieces were glued together. Very sturdy is how I would describe the product. There were two instructional sheets to assist in putting together. One of them had full-color pictures that you would think would make putting this together a snap. This wasn’t difficult, BUT, I did struggle on putting together the legs with the holes. The diagram wasn’t clear on where the pieces should go, and I was trying to use the wrong part to make it work. After 10 minutes of frustration, I called my wife over to review the diagram, and 30 seconds later, we had a fully assembled ProZone. Thank God for my wife.

This thing is put together very, very well. It is a combination of PVC piping, some golf training sticks, and some foam to protect the unit as well as provide you with some alignment. You can adjust the unit to your height simply by pulling and pushing a few pieces around. Within a few minutes, I was taking full wedge swings in my living room, driving the club into the carpet, and bumping the ProZone with each swing. My wife kindly asked me to go outside to play with my new toy.

Moving The ProZone

Now that I was being evicted from my living room, I had to take this thing apart and move to the yard. I read the instructions again where it detailed on how to move the product. A little pull hear and I had the entire product in two pieces. It really could not have been any easier. I was setup outside on my lawn in under 5 minutes.

The First Test With My Golf Training Device

I set up the ProZone as shown on the pictures, and started taking a few practice swings. At first I thought I wasted my money because I had no issues with my take-away, follow through, or anything thing else. I was easily swinging and thought that what was supposed to be the best golf training aids was a complete bust, because according to this thing, my swing was flawless. Yeah, I forgot actually to use balls when practicing.

What followed over the next 10 minutes was complete and utter frustration and a crush to my ego that I never thought I would recover from. As I put the first ball on the ground and stood in my golf position, I noticed that my swing plane may hit one of the strategically placed pieces of the ProZone. I got a bit nervous thinking I may break the unit with my first swing. I didn’t break it, but I came damn close to. What happened is as I was making my swing, I was barely able to hit the ball, and barely caught a piece of it driving the ball in the lower left corner of the ProZone. You see the little padding on the corner? Yeah, that is designed to protect the PVC pipe from errant shots. It worked!

Over the next 10 minutes, I continued to hit my gap wedge poorly shot after shot. However, with each swing, I was getting more and more confident with my swing. After about 15 balls, I was able to swing the golf club without hitting the pipe, or the alignment sticks. I wasn’t making crisp contact, and each shot felt a little chunky, but at least the ball was going forward. I gathered up the balls that were scattered throughout the yard and went at it again.

So to give you an idea of what kind of a game I have, I typically hit my gap wedge 115 yards. I love to see the number 115 in my range finder when I am playing because I know it is a full swing. This is important for what I am about to tell you.

I practice with the ProZone for several hours. So long in fact that I had blisters all over my hands. I tend to grip the club for dear life, so making a hundred swings frequently will screw up my hands a bit. Nothing related to any of my new golf training aids.

What Happened Next AMAZED ME

So at this stage, I am hitting the ball solidly, and only bumping the unit on occasion. I was hitting about 20 balls at a time into my yard and was hitting to each one about 115. I was using my range finder to get an accurate distance. I now wanted to see what would happen if I removed the ProZone swing trainer and just started hitting balls. I removed my fear of hitting the unit on my swing and was able to turn freely.

HOLY SH&$**&^&%(&

When I started making a full swing, hitting down through the ball, I started hitting the ball farther, higher, and much, much, much straighter. I hit 20 balls and would say that 90% of them were within a 10-yard circle in my yard. I didn’t believe it, so I hit another 10, and each one flew the same way. I was not longer hitting them chunky or thin but was driving the ball into the turf, and it was consistently flying 125 to 134 yards. I know the 134 because that is how far it is to the back of my yard. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was laughing as I walked to pick up the 30 balls I just hit.

Can I Do The Same With The ProZone In Place?

Now that I made my way back to the swing aid, I wanted to see if I could duplicate my progress with the ProZone in place. I felt more confident about not hitting the machine, and I was making aggressive swings. To my surprise, I wasn’t hitting the ProZone. I was making solid contact, and hitting the ball consistently, to a distance of roughly 130 with every single swing. I was grooving a more repeatable swing, and I was not longer worried about hitting the PVC piping of the ProZone. I found a swing training aid that was doing exactly what was promised. But, the final piece of this training exercise is what blew my mind.

Shagging Balls

After I had hit 30 balls, it was time to make the walk to the back of my yard retrieve them. On previous trips, I was walking all over the damn yard. Back and forth, left and right. I hit so many errant shops when I first started; I was getting tired just walking to pick up balls. Now, I would estimate that 90% of my shots were within a 20-yard circle, all close to the 130-yard mark. I bent down and picked up ball after ball in the same location. My shotgun approach in the past was turning into a laser focused shot, and I couldn’t be happier.

Conclusion To The ProZone 2.0 Review

After all of this training, I have a few things that stand out. First, is this takes some time to get used to. Learning how to use this type of golf swing aid was pretty tough, and it took some practice. After I had got it down, it felt great to groove the same swing every time. I felt like a tour player knowing exactly how I should feel throughout the swing. If I was off, I bumped the machine. I made a good solid swing and didn’t bump the foam padding. I added serious distance to my gap wedge, and it has resulted in my other clubs increasing in distance as well. I have taken countless lessons over the years, all with the instructor having me make alterations slowly over time. Each time I took a lesson, I was messed up for weeks trying to adapt what I learned on the course. Not with the ProZone. After the initial “getting to know you phase”, I have felt extremely comfortable using the golf training device, and love that I get instant feedback. Without question, I would say that the ProZone is the best golf training aid on the market.